Surge Protection

Power surges can happen anytime. Things like inclement weather, lightning strikes and power station issues can cause a range of surges. Even small electrical variances within your own home can cause mini surges that over time can cause damage. These constant surges begin to weaken connections, which can lead to a fire. In homes with older wiring, this can prove to be catastrophic. One big power surge and all your appliances can overheat, spark and catch fire. Surge protectors are special power strips that help diffuse a large influx of power; protecting your appliances from damage. Unfortunately, this doesn’t protect the entire home, but only that particular outlet. Did you know that you can outfit your home with surge protection at the same cost of a high end surge protector power strip?

High Electrical can apply a surge protector directly to your electrical panel. This way, all electricity coming into the house can be diffused and keep a steady, balanced power supply. This saves money on multiple power strip surge protectors!