Panels, Breakers & Fusers

Why should I upgrade my electric panel?

When electrical panels are old and outdated they can become a hazard to you and your home. Most panels are commonly upgraded to a 200 amp service and this may be the perfect time to consider an upgrade.

New Homes, Technology & Circuits

A typical home may include some of the high-end appliances for modern living, whether it is your coffee machine, Blender, Juicer or flatscreen televisions in this case older electrical panel will automatically be under pressure to deliver, and this may lead to fuse burn-outs, power shortages and much worse. The time is now to upgrade your electrical panel.

Adding New Electrical Circuits

Upgrading your electrical panel is the first step. It will not automatically solve the problem, One purpose of a new electrical panel is that it gives you more capacity for adding extra circuits, so this is an essential first step to keeping your electrics safer and more secure.