Why should I install a standby generator? If you live in Georgia, it is essential to have a backup power supply. Parts of our city are still suffering from the impact of this past storm, it has been noted that over 1 million residents were with out power don`t let one of them be you, this is the perfect time to review your home power supply, and ensure you don’t get caught in another outage.


Power Outages & Keeping Your Family Safe

You want to keep your family safe and your home running smoothly when there is a power outage. A backup generator is the ultimate insurance policy to ensure you have power for the basic functions – a portable generator will light your key areas and provide electricity for daily essentials like your Air Conditioning, Kitchen and Bathroom. A fixed generator is even more essential for elderly residents or parents with young children. Senior citizens may require power from a fixed generator for medical equipment, while babies and young need clean clothes, cooked hot food and practical necessities and we can do it all for you.


What are some misconceptions about house generators?

Some people believe that a portable generator is to power your whole house as usual. This is not the case. The purpose of the generator is to keep you going with your home’s essential functions. Typically it powers 6+ circuits. These may include your air conditioning, bathroom lights, stove, kitchen lights, and security lights.


Our approach is to provide value for money, cost-effectiveness and peace of mind. The standard warranty is for one year, but for Generators we extend it for up to 5 years! There are many happy customers we have served during the past few years. Don`t believe us – the proof is right here u can ready many of their reviews on the Reviews page